MuteTab for chrome stops all opened tab’s and background audio

You open Chrome to find that it didn’t shutdown well and reopens all the tab, sounds like a good feature. But what if all those tab’s videos and other flash objects starts playing audio? You may open each tab that’s playing an audio, thanks to the audio playing indicator on the tab, and pause it or close the tab. For once it’s alright. This could get cumbersome after sometimes.

MuteTab for chrome is exactly made for this. Chrome team has no plans fixing this inconvenience, but this plugin helps, keeping the volume down when needed.

chrome audio playing indicator

You can see audio playing in all the tabs above. I can mute them all in one click. The plugin looks for flash objects on the page, and pauses it if it’s a video, or anything that has a pause feature. But it stops any other flash objects like a game, yes stop not pause. Unmuting only re-starts it. Most of us won’t have this problem, as we are not into playing flash games on the internet. The extension shows what’s possible when you right-click -> open MuteTab.

mutetab context menu

After you install MuteTab, click on the purple music note icon on the address bar, to pull up a list of tabs that has got audio, it would show any tab with flash objects in it. You will find buttons to pause there. It looks something like… (image below)

mutetab address bar icon clicked

It says “Tabs that are possibly making sound” and lists tabs. This is detected by, as mentioned earlier, seeing if the page has any flash objects. ¬†Clicking the pause button pauses the playing tab, audio icon plays it and the close button closes the tab.

Overall this extension looks handy in the times when you hear an audio and not sure which audio playing tab it is. It also doesn’t detect sounds from blocked popup windows and blocked flash objects. My rule of thumb would be to mute all background audio and tabs, and open one that I want to play audio, right-click -> context menu -> MuteTab -> enable it.

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