New A9 Chip From Apple – Details About iPhone 7 Processor

While the A7 processor used for previous versions of the iPhone 6 managed to come out on top over its competitors, due to its 64-bit configuration, which was the first to introduce, it seems that Apple is currently looking to set the bar even higher, by coming up with the next technical innovation in the processor department. The new chip which is allegedly in the works, by Apple, is the A9 chip. Speculations place Apple and TSMC at the same table, as the two are supposedly collaborating for the production of this chip. A new 16 nm FinFET process is also involved in the rumors. It might not be official yet, but it looks like Apple might be parting ways with Samsung to make way for TSMC.

It is interesting how rumors about the A9 processor from Apple have started to surface, while the next chip in line, the A9 processor, hasn’t been the subject of rumors or speculations. If these rumors turn out as being true, it will mean that earlier information suggesting that Samsung secured a deal with Apple for the A9 chip have been false, according to Economic Daily News, a Chinese publication. Sources have also voice their intel on Samsung’s plans to turn to a 14 nanometer process.

Via AppleInsider, new information regarding TSMC’s stand on the matter at hand is, and it seems that the possible future business ally for Apple has claimed to have a plan in the works. This plan will presumably help TMSC reach a monthly wafer cap of 50.000, for its production line. Although no official information regarding the wafer’s size has been made available, the reported size is 12 inches.

This wouldn’t be the first time the services of TMSC would be acquired by Apple for production of its components, as they previously collaborated for the iPhone 5S. However, in that instance, the components regarded were smaller, as Apple did not assign TMSC with bigger, more important parts. That role almost naturally was taken over by Samsung, which has been handling production for Apple components for a while now. One component that is part of the iPhone 5S and bares TSMC’s mark, is the Touch ID located on the front of the device. The Touch ID features is represented by a fingerprint scanner placed on the Home button, which gives iPhone 5S users the option of locking and unlocking the device by using the fingerprint, which cannot be duplicated. That might not be the case anymore, as rumors of the Apple-TMSC collaboration continue to surface, birthing speculations about Apple and Samsung parting ways.

As new leaks, reports and overall information regarding the brand new, upcoming, highly anticipated iPhone 6 continue to surface and invade the web, the release date of the actual device that created so much hype, and everyone is going crazy over, is approaching with a final clarification of what was true and what was false.

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