New iPhone 6 To Come Hand In Hand With iPad Air 2

The two upcoming devices set to feature Apple’s newest operating system version, iOS 8, are the subjects of recent reports coming in, which suggest that Apple might be planing on organizing a joint-release for the two. If this is true, those expecting the release of the new iPhone 6 flagship device will also get a bonus iPad Air 2 release.

In the view of KGI Securities representative┬áMing-chi Kuo, the day marked for Apple’s unveiling of the iPhone 6, September 9 has strong chances of also becoming the day the iPad Air 2 might see the light of day and meet its potential customers for the first time. Although the day is confirmed in regards to the iPhone 6 unveiling, the iPad Air 2 unveiling on the same day maintains its “possibility” status for the moment.

It is hard to determine if the ongoing speculations are correct, because on one hand, Ming-chi Kuo has become known as a voice worth listening when it comes to Apple news, due to his correct predictions in the past. But on the other hand, if he is in fact correct, it will mean that Apple has decided to no longer follow its usual schedule which would have placed the unveiling point for the iPad Air sequel somewhere during the month of October.

Kuo also cared to share his view on a number of issues regarding Apple iPads:

The iPad Mini 3 might not arrive

Kuo shared his predictions regarding the release of the iPad Mini 3 earlier, going on and off about the possibility, until earlier this week. First, he said that the 3rd instalment of the iPad Mini series might not surface due to Apple wanting to concentrate on the iPad Air 2, but changed his mind after a while, giving the device a chance of getting released, after all. Recently, however, he once again switched and said that Apple might not be rolling out a new iPad Mini device in 2014.

Not many design improvements

If you are waiting for the new tablet, you shouldn’t get your hopes up too much in terms of design change, as the device promises to feature most of the appearance characteristics of the previous model. A report coming in from DigiTimes speculates that minor changes in design will take place, actually, regarding the thickness of the unit. It is said that the new iPad will be thinner than its predecessor.

Apple makes up for design with new specs

After giving his two-cents regarding the absence of an iPad Mini 3 release, as well as the poor design changes for the new iPad Air 2, Kuo also mentioned that the iPad Air 2 will, however, present itself with some new, improved specifications, such as the added Touch ID technology that implements a fingerprint reader into the device, or the integration of Apple’s A8 processing chip. Some other features worth mentioning are the gold chassis options that will come with the device, as well as the anti-reflective screen coating.



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