New iPhone 6 Video Confirms Release, Recent Nude Photos Scandal Won’t Slow Apple Down

Apple has been maintaining itself on top of the news recently, due to the massive celebrity nude photos scandal that took place not long ago and partially involved the iPhone manufacturer. It looks like, despite all that, Apple is maintaining course with its long-anticipated iPhone 6 release.

The celebrity scandal didn’t go undetected, however, as Apple’s stocks have fallen to $98.94. The company managed to achieve more than this before the scandal. Currently, the iPhone 6 is still schedules for September 9, like originally intended, although the scandal put Apple in a very uncomfortable position. We need to stick around and see for ourselves if the device, and also Apple, to manage to withstand all the negativity coming from the celebrity leaks scandal. Chances are, though, that Apple might pull through this and unleash the iPhone 6 with a great performance.

Even now, with the device in the user’s horizon, the speculations won’t seize to keep on coming. People are already lining up on 5TH Avenue in New York  at Apple’s retail shopping point. The time has almost come for Apple to cash in on all those rumours, speculations and built up hype surrounding the iPhone 6.

Rozetked, a YouTube channel based in Russia, posted a new video of the upcoming device in which the phone was presented, and also compared to the iPhone 5S. The video focuses on Apple’s smaller version of the upcoming iPhone 6, namely the iPhone 5S. The video featured clues that helped us identify the colors in which the device will be available, and so far we’ve got pretty standard selections, black and white.

According to Apple Insider, the reason behind Apple’s stocks falling under like this might be related to the recommendation that Pacific Quest analyst Andy Hargreaves who told Apple investors, that they should sell their stocks.

A record-breaking $103.20 was registered by Apple  earlier this month, last week to be more precise,  and no one anticipated that Apple would fall so hard, especially now. Everything was going incredibly well for Apple which was breaking all kinds of records, on top of projecting insane sale numbers that back then didn’t seem so insane. The factor that pretty much made it all fall down for Apple was the huge celebrity scandal which involves hacked accounts and broken iCloud security. The combination of the two seems to have cause all the numbers to decrease.


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