New Leaks For The BlackBerry Classic

With the BlackBerry Classic, BlackBerry is practically offering a treat to those who still prefer physical QWERTY keyboards on their devices instead of virtual on-screen keyboards.

The BlackBerry brand is best known for its classy QWERTY devices, but a pretty large portion of consumers left that style behind due to the increasing popularity of touch screen smartphones that utilize virtual on-screen keyboards. BlackBerry itself adopted the trend, releasing some touch screen devices as well. However, back in June, BlackBerry, through its CEO, John Chen, announced a device called the BlackBerry Classic, which aims for the consumer market still inclined towards devices that utilize physical QWERTY keyboards.

The device has been spotted thanks to some leaked images that were provided by Weibo. The images show the BlackBerry Classic showcasing a BlackBerry Bold-type look, next to some other BlackBerry models, including the Bold, Q10 and the Porche Design P 9981.

Alongside the QWERTY keyboard which is one of the phone’s highlights, the BlackBerry Classic fills its front panel with individual buttons for answering and rejecting calls, as well as Back and Menu keys. Navigation through the device’s system and menus will be reportedly achieved with the help of an implemented trackpad, really remaining true to the BlackBerry design. Under the hood the phone houses a Snapdragon S4 by Qualcomm as well as 2 GB of RAM. The end result of all these components working will be displayed on the 3.5 inch display, bearing the interface of its BlackBerry 10.3 operating system.

The handset, which is expected to drop sometime during November , will presumably represent the solution for those in need of a device with physical buttons, as the touch screen on-screen configuration has taken over as the more popular option. The device will not, reportedly, cost more than the BlackBerry Passport, which will receive a launch date on September 24.

Speaking of the BlackBerry Passport

While the release date for the BlackBerry Classic is approaching, the BlackBerry Passport remains the centre of attention for BlackBerry, as it plans to launch the business oriented terminal worldwide in multiple locations at once. The launch will take place in Dubai, but also in Toronto, and London. There aren’t too many details known about the handset just yet, other than the fact that it might feature a 4.5 inch display capable of housing 60 characters in a row. The launch of the device will be done in a similar fashion to that of the previously released BlackBerry models, the BlackBerry 10 and BlackBerry Z10. One of the phone’s highlight features is its combination of 3-row physical QWERTY keyboard, and additional row of virtual keys which make for an original take on the smartphone keyboard.

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