New Release Date Rumours For Fallout 4 – What Is Bethesda Planning?

News about the highly-desired Fallout 4 game are taking all kinds of turns. Previously, it was rumoured that the game will see the light of day in 2014 through development and release from Bethesda, but now it seems, according to new rumours, that Bethesda might be in fact dropping the game completely. This comes after previous rumours hinted a possible developer change behind the highly-regarded game franchise, which hasn’t seen a new release since 2008.

There is a relatively fresh  game developer called Battle Studios, which is rumoured to be the replacement for Bethesda as the operating force behind the Fallout franchise. Upon hearing of the possible outcome for the franchise they love so much, Fallout fans pretty much split into two sides, one supporting the change and claiming that it is a good thing, and one showing that they are not pleased with the changes, considering that it won’t be the same without Bethesda.

Bethesda’s Todd Howard managed to share with the public that the developer currently has no release date for the long-awaited title.

A 2014 release date for Fallout 4 is very unlikely to go on, as Bethesda pretty much missed its release window, therefore the earliest we can get our hands on the game would be 2015, according to International Business Times.

Right now, everything journalists have as backup for their speculations, are patterns observed in the release of the previous installments of the game. For example, they presumed we would get an October release, due to the fact that previous editions have also been released during that month.

If Bethesda were to stick to any kind of self-imposed schedule like that, they would have had to release Fallout 4 in October 2012, which, obviously, they didn’t.

It seems that speculations are everything eagerly awaiting fans have at the moment, as Bethesda or anyone else involved with the project is failing to confirm or provide any information regarding the next Fallout game. Further speculation place the game on store shelves somewhere during the 2015 Fall, but until then, we’ll just have to wait and see what new information surfaces. The Game is rumoured to make an appearance on Xbox One, PS4 and of course, PC.

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