Nexus 5 (2014) Details And Google Collaboration With Nestle For Android Lion

Google has announced its newest Android L operating system at a developer conference, but was pretty reserved in terms of sharing details, therefore users are still in the blank when it comes to some key aspects, such as the final name of the new Android build. A lot of leaks have surfaced since the OS’s announcement, and the most recent ones point towards a collaboration between Google and Nestle. These speculations come after recent leaks surfaced with the new Android build referred to as Android Lion. Although no official confirmation on the story has been received, it is possible, if you take into consideration that last year’s Android was also released in collaboration with Nestle (with KitKat, to be more specific, thus the name Android KitKat).

As far as the build number for the upcoming Android is concerned, fans speculated for a long period of time that it might be Android 4.5, but leaks and surfaced information that came after, revealed that Google plans on reaching the 5.0 mark with this new installment. Therefore, the chances for Google to go for a 4.5 build number are pretty slim as Android 5.0 is looking way better at the moment. TK Tech News also showed its support of the theory that places the upcoming Android at the 5.0 milestone.

The branding name of the new Android is also uncertain, as it was at first called Android L, but rumour-hungry fans caught wind of a possibility of Google naming their operating system Android Lemon Meringue Pie, which would have seemed plausible as it would respected the Android tradition of associating a dessert name to each major build, and in the same time it was similar to Key Lime Pie, which was a strong candidate for what turned out to be Android KitKat, so it would have seemed like Google was trying the give shape to their lemon pie-oriented preferences.  However, recent leaks gave it the name Android Lion, hinting a possible collaboration with Nestle.

The leaked images that first showed the software listed as Android Lion was a listing of devices and the device that are listed as presumably bearing the Lion build was named Nexus 5 (2014). This indicates that Google might be planning a reboot of last year’s flagship device, the Nexus 5.

The device, which was spotted in GFXBench, features a large 5.2 inch display, operating at a 2560 x 1440 resolution, as well as a quad core processor branded Qualcomm Snapdragon 805, clocked at 2.7 GHz. The specified internal memory is 32 GB, while the RAM also kicks in with 3 GB. The camera configuration features a superior 12 MP lens located on the rear of the device, as well as at lower, but still pretty good for a front camera, 2 MP unit.

The specification look good, but nothing has been confirmed, so it is best if you restrain your enthusiasm for the moment. The newest Android OS promises some interesting features including a battery saver, lock screen-accessible notifications, as well as new design for the icons and buttons.

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