Nexus 5 – How To Replace Your Battery in A Easy Way

The problem with phones that comes with non-removable batteries, is that they put you in a bit of a tough spot when and if your battery simply gives out or won’t perform the same. No matter how many functions a device might have, they don’t mean much if the phone is out of juice and it shuts down, right?  If you want your battery changed, you can opt for sending the device back to shop for repairs, but that’s going to cost unless you still have your warranty, and also will take a while. You could try and find cheaper places to fix your battery problem, but they’re still going to make you wait. Another option is fixing the problem yourself, as one can replace the Nexus 5 battery in the confines of his own home, even though it is technically non-removable.

Getting a battery replacement for your Nexus 5 will only cost you around $20, and there are plenty online retailers that you can get it from, including Amazon. After you  get your replacement, you just need to get a plastic tool of sorts, that can help you open up the phone’s casing. A guitar pick will do just fine, also.

The process in itself is relatively simple and easy, but keep in mind that we won’t be responsible for any damage you inflict on your device, as the fact remains that replacing the battery on a “non-removable” phone isn’t recommended for doing at home.

Let’s get started

  •            With the help of the plastic tool or guitar pick, whichever you could find, try to pry the casing open by sliding the tool between the edges. After you manage to open it a little, pop it off.
  •           As you look at your naked phone, you should see that there is a plastic cover on the top side. You should also be able to to see that it is locked down by 6 little screws. Now, you must take those screws out, but put them somewhere safe and make sure you don’t lose them, because they are important.
  •           After you lift up and remove the plastic cover, you have to remove the ribbons attached to the original battery. This shouldn’t be hard to do, so be careful and act gently, as you don’t need a lot to make it pop.
  •           It’s time to take out that pesky little fellow that’s been the cause of your annoyance. Take your plastic tool again, and with care, start sliding it around the edges of the battery, gently working your way towards getting it out. It is important to not rush this, so take your time and the battery should come out sooner or later.
  •           Now, let’s put the new battery in place. Place it in the battery spot within the phone, and reconnect the little ribbons to the motherboard. Once you’ve done that, proceed with putting the plastic cover back on top, and pinning it down with the 6 screws again. After this, the only thing left to do is to snap the back cover of the phone back in place and turn your phone back on. Now, your phone should be good as new, with fresh juice flowing through its parts.

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