Nexus 6 To Come With Huge Phablet Display

According to the newest reports, the upcoming Nexus installment dubbed the Nexus 6 or Nexus X, will sport a very large phablet-size display, that can measure up to 5.9 inches. This might also depend  on whether or not the newest Nexus device will be released  around the time Motorola will release the Moto X+1.

Taking a look back at last week, we remind you that reports coming in from Droid Life pointed out to a Motorola gadget that presumably passed inspections from the FCC. The device, although not confirmed as being the Moto X +1, shared aspects that encouraged speculations towards believing it is the X+1. According to the documentations pertaining to this FCC verification, which the device reportedly passed, the handset will be made available through AT&T for the US market. Another thing pointed out by these documents is the fact that the device will roll out with a freakishly big display, which will measure 5.9 inches. This brings it pretty close to the size of screens we can see in the smallest tablets, so that’s something to consider. Although the phone will most likely maintain its phablet status, it is possible for it to have a smaller display. Droid Life gave their two-cents regarding the issue and clarified the situation, saying that the aforementioned 5.9 inches might not represent the size of the screen, but rather the entire front panel of the device. Therefore, we could end up getting a device with only 5.2 inches worth of display. Even so, it remains a pretty large unit.

If the phone in question turns out to be the Moto X+1, which in return, turns out to be the base-model for the upcoming Nexus 6 or Nexus X device, it will mean that Google is taking a step further in the smartphone market and joining its fellow manufacturer brands in the phablet branch.

Taking a little dip into specification territory, recent reports tell us that the Moto X+1 will sport a quad core Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 processing unit, clocked at a more than satisfying 2.7 GHz. Also worth noting are the 3 GB of RAM that it will supposedly feature. Moving on, we also have information about the camera. The shooter enrolled for this handset will be, according to recent talks, would be a 13 MP unit, while the internal memory reaches 32 GB. So far, the specifications seem to align with the Nexus standards.

The upcoming Moto X+1 will most likely feature Android KitKat, but even it proves to be the base model for the new Nexus phone, it wouldn’t change the fact that, due to its Nexus status, the Google device will surely feature a newer version, debuting with Android 5.0, or Android L, as It is also called. Another name that has surfaced recently which is attributed to the new version of Google’s operating system is Lemon Pie Meringue, or LMP.

While the Nexus 6 or Nexus X is expected to drop anytime between September and November, the Motorola Moto X+1 will most likely hit the market in October as latest. |

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