Nexus 8 Release Date and Android L Certification with Features

Strong rumors emerged recently about the Nexus 8 tablet. It appears that Google shook hands with HTC to make the Nexus 8 tablet, and the release date for the device is likely to be assigned for a near date. The tablet is set to pack quite a punch in terms of hardware, and run Google’s new Android L operating system.

G4Games reported that Korea was where the certification of the device took place, and it has been made certain that HTC will handle the production of the Nexus 8 tablet, also internally codenamed Volantis or Flounder. The device will feature a pure, stock version of Google’s Android operating system.

Back in June, a well known leaker that goes by the username @evleaks on Twitter, by his real name Evan Blass, alongside G4Games, came up with a model number, believed to correspond to the Nexus 8 device.  It seems like they were on to something back then, as the model number OP8210000 has re-surfaced.

Although no official information has come from Google or HTC’s direction, nor following the device certification that took place in Korea about more interesting phone details such as internal specifications or revolutionary features, it has been made known by leaker @UpLeaks that the new Google/HTC Android tablet will come in as a direct and worthy adversary for Apple’s products, the iPad Mini and the iPad Air.

The device is believed to come with the 64-bit chip technology, reportedly packing NVIDIA’s Tegra 64-bit chip, as well as 4 GB of RAM. The specifications list is continued by the 8MP rear camera and the 1.6 MP front facing lens.

While talking about features, it is worth mentioning that the device is also set to feature NFC technology, and the same @UpLeaks claims that a Nexus 8 tablet with cellular capabilities is on the way, with the two brands behind the device, HTC and Google, picking a Qualcomm MDM9X25 LTE modem.

Seeing has the manufacturer chosen by Google is HTC, it is highly expected that the new Nexus 8 tablet will come in a very high quality build body. It is expected to emulate HTC’s One M7 and One M8 devices, and also sport a metal unibody chassis, using HTC’s zero gap technology.

There are some who believe the tablet will be branded as the Nexus 9 due to its pretty big, 8.9 inch display. The same display is believed to be stunning, with a 2560 x 1600 resolution, which is quite impressive.

Overall, the new Nexus device will stay on course and feature the pure, stock Android experience while displaying a very good build quality, just like the Nexus devices before it. However, this device might not be quite as affordable as one might anticipate, although it is a Nexus device.

A cited HIS research within an Android Authority reports shows that the HTC Nexus 8 (or 9) tablet, which will most likely feature Google’s new Android L operating system, will set consumers back around $300-$400.

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