Nexus 8 Release Date Betters Nexus 7 Deals

Since the confirmation of the continuation in the Nexus program by Google, there have been a lot of reports about the new Nexus 8 tablet. The confirmation of the Nexus 8 means that Google will release better deals for the Nexus 7 to sell, so that they can prepare their stocks for the Nexus 8. Some reports are saying that with the apparition of Nexus 8, Google will release two new tablets, the T7 and the T12, tablets that will be made with the help of HTC’s manufacturing factories. The question on everyone’s mind is if Google can match Apple’s new improvements that they will bring to the iPad.

Evleaks, the man behind many other leaks of information about new technology has said that the Nexus 8 will come out as Nexus 9 and not as Volantis or Flounder. Evleaks also said that Google will release two more products code-named T7 and T12. The features for the T7 and T12 tablets have not been leaked yet. Analysts are estimating that the products will be release around the release of the Android L, Evleaks has not mentioned anything about the release date.

Although Evleaks did not release any specifications on the features that the T7 and T12 will have, he showed the one that the Google Nexus 8 will have. The Google Nexus 8 will bring a 8.9 inch screen that has a resolution of 2048×1440 pixels, the processor will be the NVIDIA Tegra K1, 221 dpi and the device will also have 2 GB of RAM available. Christian Today has reported that the release of the Google Nexus 8 is imminent because Google has started to put out more Nexus 7 selling deals. Retailers and tech devices sellers should be ready to charge their stocks with the new deals the Nexus 7 will have.

Because of these deals prices for the Nexus 7 can differ. For example eBay is offering different deals for the Nexus 7, the 32 GB option can be bought at the price of $199.85, but on other sites you can find the phone to be priced at $151.0. Google has offered three month free subscription to Google Play’s music if you choose to buy the 16 GB option. Although there are many reports speculating on the release date for the new product, Google has not confirmed anything yet.. 


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