Nexus 8 Release Date with HTC T7 and T12 Android Tablets

There have been information leaks confirming the existence of the Google Nexus 8, plus other two Android L-powered tablets that will be assembled in Taiwan.

The rumor about the release of the HTC tablets was released by a tweet from Evan Blass (news leaker) on July 21. Evan Blass also said that two of the cod names are T7 and T12.

Gotta be Mobile have said the the T7 means that there is a 7 inch tablet and the T12 Is a 12 inch one, and that the tablets are expected to run on the last Android version. Evan Blass has not said anything about the launch date.

Another important part of the tweet was that the kit that will arrive he dubbed as Flounder or Volantis, these terms have been associated with the 8.9 inch Android slate named Nexus 8.

Evan Blass said the product will be the Nexus 9, because of its 9 inch screen.

Well-known gadget news leaker @evleaks tweeted on July 21 that “HTC is developing,” three tablets that hopefully will be unboxed in the next few months. Also known as Evan Blass, the informant dangled two devices that are codenamed T7 and T12.

According to Gotta Be Mobile, which picked up the same tweet, T7 is likely a7-inch tablet while the T12 is its 12-inch counterpart. It is expected that both devices will run on the latest Android build on launch date though Blass is keeping his silence on the matter.

But really the most notable part of the latest tease from @evleaks is the soon-to-arrive kit that he dubbed as Volantis or Flounder, which in earlier reports are terms attached to an 8.9-inch Android slate called Nexus 8.Blass, however, called the device as the Nexus 9, likely due to its near 9-inch screen profile.

This was not the first time that Evan Blass leaked information about the Nexus 8/9, the replacement that Google will bring for the Nexus 7 and Nexus 10, which are expected to compete with the iPad Air and the iPad mini for the top.

To be able to compete for the top spot the Nexus 8 will be top-tier. The screen will have a resolution of 2048x 1440 pixels and a 64-bot NVIDIA Tegra K1 processing chip and 2 GB of RAM available.

The main camera will be a 8MP camera that has features like optical image stabilization, and a secondary camera in the front of 3 MP for HD video chat and for better selfies.

Even with all of this top-tier features, the feature that will make the Nexus 8 sell is the way it’s build and the durability it has. We think the main reason behind why Google chose HTC to build their product is because of the impressive HTC One M7 and M8 Opus.

Nexus 8 or 9 is expected to have the same elegance that HTC One has. The elegance from HTC One is highlighted by the zero-gap aluminum construction.

Most of the reports are saying that the production of Nexus 8 will start in August, what that means is that the product will be available around October or November 2014, report are saying that the Nexus 8 will cost around $400.


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