Nokia Lumia 530 Top 5 Features and Prices

We hear a lot about Nokia’s new smartphone to come, the Nokia Lumia 530 which has as its predecessors the Lumia 520 and Lumia 525.

The handset is anticipated to come with some pretty great features, of which we will present some further in the article. We hear from GSM Arena that the Nokia Lumia 530 will hit the market with a price of approximately $179.00 which makes it quite an affordable device for the features it will present. Let’s take a look at what people are expecting the Nokia smartphone to come with.

Dual SIM

We’re already used with Nokia’s tendency to give their smartphones a Dual SIM version as well, so we weren’t so surprised when we heard that the Nokia Lumia 530 will come with this capability in some target countries which will allow using two SIMs from two different network carriers without using two phones.

A bigger display

The Nokia Lumia 520 comes with a 4 inches display. According to Digital Spy, the new handset will come with a larger 4.3 inches display. We expect the device to have a higher screen resolution and better pixel density, which will be a great plus when it comes to visualizing.

Operating System

The smartphone will surely come packed with the newest operating system from Microsoft, the Windows Phone 8.1. This will ensure for a better performance than we saw in its Lumia predecessors, and you will get a more pleasant user experience: the OS assures for better gaming, multitasking, a higher speed and more.

On-Screen Keys

Both the Nokia Lumia 520 and the Nokia Lumia 525 came with physical buttons, but we hear that this will change with the new Nokia Lumia 530. The handset is rumored to come with on-screen keys which will be a nice touch from Nokia: it won’t only improve the speed of using those keys, but it will also have an effect on design.


Being a budget friendly device, we don’t expect top notch processor and RAM from the Lumia 530. The handset does come with a very nice Snapdragon 200 chipset from Qualcomm to come with its processor, and as we saw in its predecessor, 512 MB of RAM. Considering the alleged price the smartphone will hit the markets with, these specs are actually extremely good and they will ensure for a smooth performance.


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