Nokia Lumia 730 and 735 Leaked Image – Coming With Powerful Specifications



You may have heard recent rumors regarding a new Lumia device coming from Nokia. Earlier this month rumors began to surface about the Lumia 730. The phone went on by several names, but the ones predominantly used in reports were Superman and “the selfie phone”. It appears that more information has been made available through leaked images. The presumed leaks come from the website Tieba Baidu and offer a sight of the upcoming device. For the first time, users can see the white variant of the handset, as both it and the black variant make an appearance in the leaks. Reported design features draw the device closer to an earlier Lumia  800 and 900 appearance.


The device which will resemble the Nokia Lumia 800, is set to feature dual SIM functionality. A 4G capable Lumia 735 is also discussed.  Getting back to the Lumia 730, the device will take a note from previous Windows Phone packing handsets that were released, and will not feature physical button placement on the front of the device, opting for soft-keys instead.

The phone is ready to be placed somewhere along the mid-range line of smartphones, according to its acceptable component configuration. Starting off with the device’s camera, we have a 5 MP shooter located on the handset’s front side. The high frontal camera makes the phone suitable for taking pictures using that particular lens, hence the phone’s nickname, The Selfie Phone. The device also has a rear camera, as it would have been a bit strange to release a phone with a 5MP front facing lens but no rear shooter. The lens on the back will feature 6.7 MP. The selfies you take will appear  on a pretty big 4.7 inch display  classified HD. The operating system that will run the show is Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8.1 with the Debian Red update.

The processing duties will be handled by a Qualcomm Snapdragon chip that will feature 4 cores, and to help, we have 1 GB of RAM. The internal memory on the other hand, is a little larger, 8 GB, but still fairly small In comparison with the standard for internal storage nowadays. This amount can be boosted, however, by making use of the implemented microSD card slot. We have not had a glimpse of any physical button specially assigned for taking photos, even if the device is designed for taking pictures more, but on the other hand, we are expecting the Power button and volume keys to be placed on the same side, contrary to standard design where they would be on opposing sides. Just like many other devices, the Lumia 730 will also, apparently, have a place at the Berlin-hosted IFA 2014 event.
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