Nokia Lumia 830 Most Gorgeous Camera with Capacitive Buttons In The Front

It seems like Nokia continues to expand its smartphone catalogue, trying to improve its device quality, but has a different approach compared to other top manufacturers. Instead of releasing a brand new, fresh designed smartphone that could carry the brand further towards improvement, they have decided to instead release boosted versions of already existing smartphone from the Lumia line. For example, the Nokia Lumia  x30 devices are the upgraded follow up to their x20 brothers. The Nokia Lumia 630, for instance, is supposed to continue where Nokia Lumia 530 left off. The Nokia Lumia 830 is supposed to be the next gen version for the already released device, Nokia Lumia 820.

Expected to be released exclusively for AT & T, the only known characteristic of this device so far, is the fact that it will be released for the mid-range sector of the smartphone market. You can pretty much rest assured as this device will probably not feature any breath-taking features or pack any monstrously powerful hardware.

Speculated earlier by GSM Arena and now confirmed by the Chinese site Baidu through photographic evidence of the new Lumia 830, it seems like the device will feature the words from Nokia by Microsoft.

Other rumors flying around involve the build of the device, namely the aluminum casing in which the smartphone will supposedly make its appearance. A polycarbonate rear part is also believed to be part of the phone’s build, and a circular, black element on the back of the device, that looks like the camera from the Nokia Lumia 1080. The black element on the Lumia 830’s rear is not as prominent therefore it is believed that the 830 has a lower camera setup.

For this device, it seems like Nokia is giving up the physical buttons on the front of the device for some  on-screen capacitive buttons placed on the bottom of the display.

The Nokia Lumia 830 Train is not the only Nokia device expected to be released, as it stand between the low end Nokia Superman and the high end (flagship device) mode, McLaren.


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