Nokia X – Top Best Useful Tips For All You

Usually, you would think that a Nokia device would come bearing Microsoft’s Windows Phone operating system, but there are exceptions such as the Nokia X, where the developer decided to go with the crows and implement Google’s Android operating system, which has a larger popularity among smartphone users. The Nokia X concept has already been killed off by the manufacturer, as remaining Nokia X devices were converted to Nokia Lumia devices, but despite this, the Android-running Nokia X managed to gather a decent amount of attention, being in the opinion of many, one of the most underrated Android smartphones. If you are one of those who managed to get their hands on the Nokia X, check out this article for some useful tips that can improve your overall user experience.

Get The Google Play Store And Apps

The Nokia Store isn’t our top pick for an app store, and I bet it isn’t yours either, as it isn’t very good. That’s ok though, because you can install the Google Play Store on your Nokia X (If you don’t have it installed already) by simply getting the latest version of the Google Play Store APK file. XDA Developers will provide you with the downloadable file after a quick search. Also, get the Google services, as they greatly enhance your phone’s user experience. If your device is rooted, you can opt for Gapps, which brings you the complete Google package.

Alternative To The Play Store

If for some reason you don’t want to equip your Nokia X with Google’s Play Store app, you can still get free apps that are not available on the Nokia store, All you need is a USB cable and to enable the “Unknown Sources” box from your phone’s settings. You can download the APK files for apps you want from the internet and copy them into your device. Simply tapping on these files on your device will start the installation guide. Be sure to use online sources that are known to be safe.

Mess Around With App Icons

Although it is running Android, the Nokia X still offers customization options that let you give it more of the Windows Phone look. If you tap and hold down an icon on your home screen, you can resize the app icon with the help of the little arrow that will appear. You can make your icons bigger so you can give your home screen a more artistic vibe with bigger and smaller app icons combined. Tapping and holding an app icon will also give you the uninstall option, in case you want to delete that specific app.

CM 11 For Your Device

If you feel your Android version is outdated, you can opt for a custom ROM and get CM 11. CyanogenMod 11 can give you the Android KitKat experience on your Nokia X device. You can get the ROM you need to flash, as well as instructions and guides on the matter from the XDA Developers site.

Factory Reset

If you’ve had your Nokia X for a while and you noticed it has become laggy and simply not as responsive as it used to, don’t panic. It is very normal and common for smartphones to fall off the performance wagon after they had a generous amount of user time under their belt. You can easily get your device back in shape by doing a factory reset. You can do this by turning off your phone, then turning it back on by holding down the Home, Power and Volume Up keys together. This will get you to the recovery screen, where you will have to select the “wipe data/ factory reset” option. You can scroll in the menu using the volume keys, and select an item by using the Power key. After the option is selected, you will have to confirm your choice, then you’re done. Just wait for the process to take place and the phone will reboot. You can also do this through a simpler method, by going to your phone’s settings, in the Backup and Reset section, and choosing the Factory Reset option.

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