Nokia X, X+ and XL Update with Outlook, App Switcher and Onedrive

We can see that Microsoft is coming out with a new update for the Nokia X series of handsets – a software update to be precise. The Nokia X user will now be provided with an app switcher, and other small changes along with the OTA update (a.k.a. over the air). We see the update available for Nokia XL, Nokia X+ and Nokia X.

While Microsoft came with this update, we don’t see a Nokia X Platform 2.0 upgrade here, which GSM Arena concludes that it won’t ever be available for the Nokia X users. Just recently, we heard a statement from Stephen Elop (Microsoft executive) that we won’t be seeing any new handset in the Nokia X series – the project will be discontinued. If we will ever see any Nokia X smartphones, it will most definitely be in a new form: as a Windows Phone OS handset, not as an Android one as we saw until now.

To access the app switcher we mentioned before, all you need to do is swipe down on the main screen and you will see the button in the notification zone. By using the app switcher, you can also close any app you want, by just clicking on the “X” button that will appear below the apps.

The update brings a lot of other interesting features like OneDrive, OneNote and Outlook. You can sync a number of 500 OneNotes with your Nokia X smartphone and will be able to add a number of Outlook accounts. You will get push notifications and you will even be able to sync your contacts list with the calendar.

Nokia is promoting app discovery with a Sptlight widget included in the update. It also shows off the Nokia Store which we didn’t see before in the Nokia X phones. Now, you can download any app you want from Nokia’s own store, but you can also download any app you’d like from third parties, as long as you make sure they are reliable websites and won’t bug your device.

You will be able to get the update by following the next steps: go to the Settings menu, access About Phone, go further to System updates and then just click Check. The update should be there and you can start the download & install.


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