Nokia X2 Release Date with Best Price and Top Specs

Although Nokia stated that the Nokia X smartphone line will be terminated, the company is preparing to release the Nokia X2, as they promised, before terminating the line. The device has only been released in a few select regions, but it has been announced back in June. In support of the new device they have in the oven, Nokia and Microsoft have released brand new commercial.

The new commercial is supposed to represent a marketing strategy that would help Nokia sell its X2 device, especially as its future, alongside the future of the other Nokia X series devices such as the Nokia X +, Nokia X or Nokia XL doesn’t seem too bright, with the announcement of termination and all. Russia and Pakistan are among the few countries that have already received the Nokia X2, which features a combination of Android OS and Nokia’s very own Nokia X operating system.

The commercial released by Microsoft and Nokia doesn’t feature any breath taking elements, as it resembles one released earlier, just a display of some of the Nokia X2’s main features, like the Fast Lane feature that gives you a view of your latest activities and notification in an effectively displayed way.

Moving on to specs, we note that the Nokia X2 comes with a 4.3 inch IPS LCD display, enhanced by Nokia’s ClearBack polarization technology. This technology helps the display when outdoors, improving the user experience. It has a 217 ppi pixel density, packed under a 480 x 800 maximum resolution. The phone itself weighs 150 grams.

A Cortex A7, dual core, 1.2 GHz processor developed by Qualcomm is handling the processing duties for this device, with some help from the RAM capacity, which is no less than 1 GB. For the operating system, Nokia took Android’s 4.3 version and combined it with its own Nokia X 2.0.

In terms of internal memory, the storage capacity made available by the manufacturer for this phone model is of only 4 GB, which doesn’t look too good for the Nokia X2. However, this is the phone’s original capacity, not its final one, as it can be upgraded with help of a microSD card for 32 GB more.

While the rear camera is acceptable, sporting 5MP and support for LED Flash, the frontal lens is not as good, ranking at VGA quality. Also worth mentioning is the fact that the device has dual SIM capabilities.

Microsoft hasn’t announced a release date for the Nokia X2 just yet, but the device is currently priced in Russia for the equivalent of $167.

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