online conversion network – Cometdocs

We have seen a siimple file conversion tool that lets you send the file via email to be converted, Zamzar. We have seen an online all-in-one conversion site that lets you convert all kinds of files from one screen, Now we are going to see a network of conversion sites, Cometdocs.

Instead of hosting all the conversion tool from a single website, this is a network of independent conversion sites. For example when you want to convert docx to pdf, it doesn’t open a page on its website, Instead you are send to a website Looks like they have been doing this one site at a time and now merged together as Cometdocs. With that let’s take a look into the site, to see whether you can use it for a day to day file conversion activities by saving money getting premium programs for $40 a pop. Well, free conversion comes its own limitation of maybe the maximum file sizes they can support.


As you can see, different file conversion happens on its own sites that all looks familiar, but does the job of conversion. What’s most interesting to you? Scanned OCR pdf to word looks good, say you scan a document or newspaper and want to edit it on word, this is a good option. What is promising about this Cometdocs is the pdf to autocad, because many engineering designs are in pdf and you may want to have it in the autocad format to edit or play with it to learn,

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