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Even if there are a lot of online file conversion sites out there, till now I have been using Google docs to convert docx files to pdf, and other site to convert youtube videos to mp3. So there isn’t one solution that solves all the conversion needs. Enter, which is the all in one file conversion site that allows converting files into any desirable format for free upto to 100 mb. The free version is enough for a quick conversion of files on your computer or from url . To have a storage space to store all files and  to convert files and to have them stored as well, there is a $7/m starter plan.You can check other price plans here.

You can convert files via email as well as an attachment, a new feature added recently. Upto 1 mb for free and even at $7/month plan you can only convert upto 5mb which I think is enough for quick document and image conversion from Android or iphone. The formats that email conversion supports are listed here. Converting powerpoint ppt or pptx into pdf is very simple. Just send an email to with the powerpoint attachment. You would get an email shortly within a minute or 2 to a download page where you can download the pdf version. The free version downloadable links are expired in 24 hours and are deleted though, but gets the job done quickly.

Now lets see how to convert a mobi file into pdf and docx at once.To have multiple output formats, just send it to that many mails eg., But I am not sure about the multiple attachments.

Looks like Mobi to docx isn’t supported at the moment, but I got it converted to pdf in a minute! The output is great, and the processing time is even faster than the manual process using the mobi reader. 794k mobi file is converted to 1.5MB with a better quality.

Out of curiosity I attempted to mail a youtube url to but not as an attachment in the subject line and the body. This couldn’t be done by zamzar as they only process attachments and not any url from the subject line, which if works would be a great feature. But seeing that they have only introduced the email conversion recently, this is too much to ask now.

[via Lifehacker]

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