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knolpad-qrcodeI wrote an article before, on the safe way to scan a QR code, that talks about scanning a QR (Quick Response) code and knowing the linked site’s online trust rating before getting to the destination URL. That was for the QR code found on the public places like advertisement banners at the trade shows or on TV  even internet at your home or friends home etc..and you do it by scanning it with your mobile phone.

This article takes the scanning to an easy level when you have the QR code from the internet, and have that Image link or image saved on your desktop.

What comes to your mind when you see the QR code above?

If you have your phone near you, you might scan it with that. Or use a site that can read it.

These sites are the online QR code readers or scanners that reads the code programatically and prints the output URL on the screen, There are many online readers that can do this. Lets see those one by one and see which one is a better choice for this job.

 ZXing Decoder

zxing decoder

This QR Code reader does more than this. It reads barcode 1D or 2D, and more code types (formats) such as UPC, EAN, code 39, code 93, code 128, PDF 417, Datamatrix. Zxing is the short form of zebra crossing and is an open source project available at Google code.

But we are interested in the QR codes. Click on the image to get to the site. As you can see, you copy paste an URL of the barcode image or upload it from your computer. I am pasting the link of the above QR code image and click Submit Query. It then automatically detects what code it is, and then prints the output like this below,

zxing qrcode decode result

The QR code information is shown in the Parsed Result. The decode process is quick, despite detecting what type of code it is.


esponse qrcode decoding

If you choose to scan it with your web cam, you should check this, This requires Silverlight plugin to detect camera. You can as well as drag the image onto the highlighted area, as shown in the image above, or upload it manually. If you are on Windows, you can paste the URL of the barcode image into the File name field on the File upload window, (as shown below) and click Open,

esponse pasting url onto file broswer

Doing this will download the image into temporary folder and open it for you. Then it uploads. You can do this when a QR code reader site has only the upload option and not letting you copy paste the image onto the URL field like Zxing.

These 2 sites should help you get the QR code decoding job done.

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