Outpost Firewall Pro – How to enable ads on webpages

outpost firewall pro 8.0

Outpost firewall pro blocks ads by default. If you are wondering why you aren’t seeing ads on any of the sites, this is the reason.

Advertising blocking feature in Outpost firewall is indeed a good feature, as it saves you from downloading Adblock plus for each browser that you commonly use.

Blocking Ads on outpost firewall is easy as blocking ads with Adblock Plus. But the former lets you block on the firewall level while the later blocks it on the browser level. If you want to block Ads on the firewall level, then Outpost Firewall is a fantastic tool. But it isn’t as flexible as Adblock plus.

Why Disable this feature?

Simply, it isn’t as flexible as using an ad blocker on the browser. Adblock Plus a plugin with its element hiding helper does suffice for managing selective display of ads – like ability to block a specific ad, adserver on any page, etc… So blocking at the firewall level though may seem a time saver helping you not manage ads for each browser, Outpost Firewall is yet to evolve in this feature like Adblock Plus.

How to disable this feature?

Open Outpost firewall from the taskbar, click settings, on settings window, navigate to “Ads and Sites” in the bottom of the list.

On the right side, open Settings under Advertisements Blocking.

Go to the second tab “By Size”, and remove all the sizes.

Now go to the last tab, “ImproveNet List”

This is a list of all ad servers provided by ImproveNet. You need to uncheck “Use ImproveNet Ads keyword list”.

Click Ok to save the settings. That’s it.

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