Play youtube videos in cinema mode


You can play Youtube videos in cinema mode with this plugin – YouTube™ Anywhere Player for firefox. You can be on any site, click on the youtube link there to have that video play in cinema mode. Cinema mode is the full browser screen mode, with black backdrop over the site and the video plays on that screen. This is one of the few plugins that you don’t need to restart the firefox to run it. For example, I’m linking a youtube video link here, Now click on this video to see it in action.You can dismiss the video by clicking anywhere on the screen. And when you zoom out the screen by pressing Ctrl + the video will reduce its size if you want to do that.

You cant get this plugin to work on, as it is not made for that. It is made for a quick check of the youtube link from everywhere on the web, and watch it on the full browser screen, cinema mode.

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