Plume Twitter client for Android

Plume Twitter client is probably the best one for Android at the moment. As soon as you install and run the app for the first time it asks to connect your Twitter account. That’s the one time authentication the app remembers just like the web app connecting to Twitter.

On the main screen you will see tabs for Timeline, Mentions, Direct messages, Replies and Conversation.

plume for android

You can also add your Facebook to it, I am yet to add it and so unable to write on it. As you can see in the image above, tapping on any tweets you get a drop down of tasks that you can do. Reply, links, retweet, favorite and more. Tap on more to find the Mute. Mute just mutes the twitter account and all its tweets are muted. This way you can hide tweets without unfollowing the account. I earlier wrote about how to hide tweets without unfollowing the user for web browsers, with Plume that has become just easier. You can unmute the same way you did to mute.

Tap on the links to get to that Twitter profile. The profile view looks neat similar to Twitter’s profile page on the browser.


The app treats following as friends. I say it again, the profile page view is beautiful and neat.

You can also view the conversations for a tweet when available by tapping on any tweet.

The app is saved to your SD card and not on the phone’s memory. You can move it to the memory to get more features that is not available storing it on the SD card. You will get this notification as well after you installed it.

So, how to compose a tweet? Tap on the compose icon on the top right to open a compose screen from where you can write a tweet, add pictures, shorten the URL and add http://. The hashtag (#) and at (@) are at the top of the screen for easy tap to paste it on the compose tweet box.


On the tablet, Plume looks more useable.

From the home screen, tap on Plume to get the menu, from where you can search. see your favorite tweets, look trending hashtags and access list.


The tablet screen looks like on the image below,

plume tablet screen


In closing,

Plume is the best twitter client for android, that is neat and easy to use with all the necessary features and other bells and whistles. It supports all the android phones, even the lowest screen resolution phones.

Get Plume for Android from Google Play Store

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