Pop Youtube videos out in a window that stays on top


Often times I wondered if there is a way to resize youtube videos and not stay on the youtube page. Youtube has an answer to this by poping videos out (right click>pop out) but the resizing is not more than 640×365. So what’s the answer to resizing to any height and width and as well as stay out of youtube and the window to stay on top of all other windows? Enter Popvideo, this does the job, a plugin for firefox, you need to restart the browser to complete the installation and run it, Another thing about this plugin is that it not only pops out the youtube videos alone but to the videos on other video sites as well. I am not sure how many video sites it supports, for the moment I am contented that it works for youtube.

To pop out the videos on any page, go to Tools > popvideo (You need to hit ALT to show the menu bar when you don’t see it) then select what you want to pop out. With this plugin the videos are played on its own window, you can resize it to any width x height, and it also has an option of putting this window at the top of any windows.


The playlist history is saved, so will be a time saver when you want to view the video without going to youtube.


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