Preparing for CISCO Certified Network Associate Exam (640-802 CCNA)

So you have chosen to take CCNA certification exam, congratulations! This article talks about how to prepare for that exam. Maybe you are thinking about joining a classroom coaching program but that could be expensive. That’s not a problem at all, to master CCNA all you need is a guided study instruction and don’t you think aren’t those available online? It is indeed available online but not expensive and the teaching method is great that when I first studied for a CCNA, now I felt this could have existed back then.

You can take 640-802 composite exam in one go, or take it in two parts – ICND1 and ICND2. If you are wondering how to go through the study material in short duration and remember them, you can by doing these 2 study techniques. One is revising it every day as you study them, and the another one is by taking mindmaps. You can revise your mindmaps and notes every day so your memory retains as much information as possible in short duration.

Mindmaps are way of categorizing things for every topics you study to see them in a big picture when you revise them every day. A Mindmap for CCNA could looks like the image below,


Click on the image for full view, this is just an example, don’t worry if it’s understandable. You can download a mind mapping program here,

As you can see, by periodically revising it, you will grasp these concepts.

Not only that you also have the Graphic Network Simulator program, gns3, which you can get it here –

As you study and mindmap them and by experiencing the network design on the simulator you are well equipped to take the CCNA exam. I also recommend you get this ebook from a person that teaches for student like you preparing for the exam. This is the material I wished was available when I took my CCNA exams. (I didn’t take it but you don’t make the mistake I did) The instructors accent may seem a bit hard to understand at first, but you begin to understand as you move along the video. So, check out the material here – How to Master CCNA



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