Price And Release Date Finally Here For Xbox One Minecraft

Those patently awaiting the Xbox One edition of the popular building game Minecraft finally have a reason to be happy, as the official details regarding the release of the game have surfaced. It seems like Mojang and 4J Studios have arranged for the game to come out on the 5th of September, and just like the PS4 edition of the game, the Xbox One variant will come with a $19.99 price tag. This, however, changes if you have previously purchased the game for Xbox 360. All you need to get a major discount on the newest Minecraft version is a copy of the game that you bought from the online marketplace, or a physical, disk copy of the game, which you can use to log into your online account with, thus confirming you have bought the game in the past. As I mentioned a discount, you should know that those who indeed have bought the Xbox 360 edition will be able to pick up the Xbox One version for only $4.99, which is significantly less in comparison with the full price amount of $19.99.

If you have purchased DLCs during your time playing the Xbox 360 edition, you will be glad to find out that you can save and transfer data between platforms, so all your DLCs will feature the possibility of easily becoming part of your Xbox One game.

If you are playing offline, you can ask up to 3 friends to join you, as the game features support for a maximum of 4 players in the offline mode. Other updates from previous versions that definitely deserve to be noticed, include the fact that worlds are 36 times bigger now, and you can expand old save files from the Xbox 360. Be caution though, as the other way around won’t provide you with a viable option, mainly due to the fact, according to the developers behind Minecraft, that expanding worlds isn’t a problem, while shrinking worlds becomes much more difficult. Until recently, we didn’t know what will become of Sony’s PS4 edition of Minecraft, as we didn’t have any release date. Recent information has surfaced and it now seems that the PS4 edition of the long-awaited game is scheduled for the 4th of September.

Let us see if the wait was worth it, and how many will stick with the new console-versions . Minecraft is a very popular building game that managed to reach around 54 million downloads since its release.

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