ProxToMe lets you share files and chat using the Facebook and Dropbox Integration


ProxToMe for android hasn’t took off that well. The app is released on February this year on iPhone first, it is then released for Android. But 5000-10,000 installs a month at Google play store is not bad at all. A new update is released yesterday for both Android and iPhone.

The app is essentially a file sharing and chat, with people that are nearby (both friends and strangers or contacts and nearby). To make this connectivity possible, other users got to have this app, just like WhatsApp. The connectivity is made possible via GPS and Bluetooth if no GPS is present. But it only scans for people nearby once, as it’s not a messenger app that keep scanning every minute or so. To refresh the scan, tap the ‘nearby’ again. You can see the contacts and nearby on a single ‘People’ screen.

proxtome contacts and nearby

The goal is to have as many ProxToMe users around you. You can chat with your Facebook friends while sharing files with them via Dropbox. But what you will see is a list of Facebook profiles that are near by as well. Which makes this app ideal for conference use. Say if you are in a conference, party or a music concert this app could be very useful.

The first install

As soon as you install the app, it prompts you to connect to Facebook. Facebook’s redesigned app for Android is totally a good move, as more and more apps on mobile/tablet, starts connecting to it. After logging into Facebook to connect it, you will need to accept the app’s permission just like you would do for any Facebook app. The app then needs permission for bluetooth to be enabled, in case no GPS is detected. Your bluetooth could be off till then. But this is how the app works.

Chat a bit and File sharing

Once everything is setup, the app starts to scan for users that are with ProxToMe app installed. The GPS scanning, scans for ProxToMe users around the radius of 250 feet (80 meters). Once found, you can chat with them via Facebook. They could be any ProxToMe users. A complete stranger. You can as well chat with your Facebook friends, even if they don’t have this app installed, leaving you to not switch between Facebook and ProxToMe app.

You can share files with them, to do that you need to connect to Dropbox. After all, sharing texts and files is all, this app is about. This then creates a ProxToMe folder on your Dropbox, and you can seamlessly start to share files. This could be big or small files.

The beauty of this app is sharing files is not just limited with the ones on your smartphone, but your entire Dropbox library. The transferring is quick as it is a cloud to cloud one and not a WIFI or Bluetooth sharing. It’s Dropbox to Dropbox.

proxtome chat and file sharing

Your Facebook friends will be on the ‘Contacts’ and you can discover people at the ‘Nearby’ at the ‘People’ screen, as in the image on the top.

You can as well add your newly discovered people on the contacts. As you can see on the image on the top, the contact list has both the Facebook friends and people that is added to share files on Dropbox.

Get it for Android here.

Get it for IOS here.

(Via prweb on an update)

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