Raspberry PiB+ Follow Up With MicroSD Cards and USBs

The Raspberry Pi is the smallest computer in the world, its size is the same of a credit card. The creation of the Raspberry Pi has made many changes in the world of electronics. The Raspberry Pi has now received a major update.

The new version of Raspberry Pi, the Raspberry Pi B+ has been released after two years. The Raspberry Pi B+ launch date was July 14, 2014.

The operating system that the Raspberry Pi B+ uses is Linux, and it uses the same application processor like the Model B, the BCM2835 application processor, it is. The Linux OS will have several distributions like: Raspbian operating system, Fedora operating system and Arch Linux ARM.

The new Raspberry Pi B+ has some new improvements. TheseĀ are:

  • More GPIO. The header of the GPIO now has 40 pings, but has the same pinout retain for the first 26 pins, just like the model B.
  • More USB ports. The B model of the Raspberry has only 2 USB 2.0 ports. The new Raspberry Pi Model B+ has 4 USB 2.0 ports. Another new feature is that it has better hotplug and overcurrent behavior.
  • Micro SD card slot: The Raspberry Pi Model B+ replaces the friction- fit SD card slot with a more nicer socket that gets the card in and out by pushing it.
  • Lower power consumption. The battery life is extended because the consumption is now 0.5 W and 1 W. They were able to lower the consumption by replacing switching regulators instead of the linear ones.
  • Better Audio: They have incorporated the audio circuit with a dedicate low noise power supply.
  • Neater form factor. The USB connecters are aligned straight around the board edge. The composite video was moved to the 3.5 mm jack. There have also been added four squarely placed holes for mounting.

The Raspberry Pi company have said that the new product, the Raspberry Pi B+ model will be manufactured in large quantities for suppliers. The company has stated that they will still produce the old model, the B model as long as people are still buying it.


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