Read ePub files on Firefox

Reading ePub files was only possible with a desktop application so far. Any ePub files on the internet would have to be downloaded before reading it with a reader app. Windows 8 store has a reader app as well, but most prefer reading it with application such as Calibre or convert it to PDF. With ePUB reader extension for firefox, reading ePub is just like reading PDF but without any additional software to install.

As the extension description page says, clicking on ePub file would prompt to save, this extension would open it on its viewer. Firefox has to be restarted after install.

Let me open, The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes ePub from this page.


It opens the ePub in a viewer that looks like on the image above.

You can change the page view type, 2 pages or 1 page on the bottom right corner. You can as well as set the font size from there. You can move through the pages, by clicking on the icons on the middle bottom of the page, or use to keyboard arrow keys. You can save the ePub from the left corner of the page.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Reading style “Book”
←→ Pagewise scrolling
Reading style “Website”
↓↑ Linewise scrolling
Page up
Page down
Pagewise scrolling
←→ Chapterwise scrolling
C Open the ePub-Catalog
S Save a copy of the ePub
D Set a bookmark
+/- Increase/decrease font-size
Del Hide/Show the Table of Contents
F11 Fullscreen on/off

The ePub is rendered as html, you can copy the texts, images easily.


Click on the Catalog icon on the bottom left corner of the reader, to see your library collections. You can manage your collections from that page. You can bookmark a page when reading to get back to it easily. There is only one bookmark, you can’t manage it, but bookmark’ing a page will let you open that page as the starting page next time you open the ebook.

As your collection gets bigger you can use Tags to categorize them. You can as well as synchronize a folder on your computer or on your mobile with your ePub collections. Synchronize button is shown as the circle arrow icon, above the collections on the image above.

Overall, this browser app like extension is a nice addition to read and manage your ePub library collections on Firefox.

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