Real Venus Factor Diet Reviews: The Best Online Workout for Women to Lose Weight Fast?

Tired of trying the next “best” diet or workout with no results to show for it? Then this program might just be for you.

There’s no shortage of online workouts showing women how to lose weight fast, however, only a few of them actually work.

So if you’re trying to find the best online workout and diet system, I’ll go through real Venus Factor Diet reviews, and help you uncover the truth about this popular Venus Factor workout online.

So if you’re wondering: does anyone have a real Venus Factor review? This post is for you.

You’ll learn what’s included in the program, and see a glimpse into the real results of why it’s become so famous.

My Venus Factor Review

What is the Venus Factor Workout?

This is a verified 12-weeks weight loss program exclusively designed to assist women of all ages. It involves workouts and special diets.

The program is divided into 3 phases each accounting for 4 weeks. Each phase has its own detailed workout plan illustrated and backed up by videos.

Watch this video clip for a sneak peek of what’s involved:

venus factor video

How the Venus Factor Diet Works

The system incorporates the Venus index that measures waist, shoulders and hip sizes. The waist size is not complex to measure; it is the same as 38% of your height. To verify hip measurement, multiply waist size by 1.45. Lastly, multiply waist size by 1.618 to determine shoulder measurements. 

After unveiling the measurements, the program guides the user towards necessary steps. Note that if your Venus index is low, one is advised to increase weight. If it is too high then you ought to lose weight. Non-the-less, according to the program, it is irrelevant if you want to lose or gain weight. The purpose of the program is to avail instructions on what type of food and exercise routines to be adhered to.   

Advantages of the Venus Factor System

venus factor diet reviews before and after

Since the workouts are illustrated in pictures and video files, the exercises are easier to execute correctly. Furthermore, this program is all-inclusive in terms of age regardless of the varying fitness level. Simply ascertain that your health condition is excellent.

Venus factor does not base on weight loss or body measurement. It is about possessing that admirable body. Therefore, no need to starve, enjoy preferred delicacies but with a reason. 

The system is attainable at the comfort of ones home. Hence, it eliminates gymnastic expenses and workouts that often lead to injuries. The Venus Factor Workout offers a 60 days refund policy.  In case of dissatisfaction, you are entitled to claim a refund.

Disadvantages of the Venus Factor Program

venus factor 12 week fat lossLike any diet and weight loss program, the Venus Factor imposes some restrictions on what you should eat, and (importantly) when you should eat it.

This means that you can have some nutritional freedom, but not complete freedom. Meeting these demands can be tiring, but it is to control body physique without an eating plan, which makes it a necessary part of the program. 

The Venus Factor Workout focuses mainly on improving outlook appearance. If you want a shortcut to losing weight in weeks this is not a system to consider.  Without the principals of dedication, and a 100% commitment, no results will be achieved.

Not for Men

Are you male? This program is not ideal for your gender. In fact, it is useless. Before embracing Venus Factor Workout, be certain that you are free of previous injuries. The workouts tend to affect bones. There are no traditional printouts in this case. All workout illustrations are digitalized, period!

The Best Workout to Lose Weight Fast?

In my view, this program is one of the better diet and weight loss systems available today.

Unlike most programs, which tend to focus either on diet OR exercise, the Venus Factor takes a holistic view of your health, and teaches you how to make diet and exercise work together to lose weight, even while you still enjoy many of the foods and lifestyle you already do.

Click the link below to learn more about how the Venus Factor can help you lose weight and get the perfect body you’ve been dreaming of.

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