Recover Deleted SMS from Android Smartphones

Deleting text messages from mistake happens to everyone, but you can get them back. The only problem is that you need to do that just after you deleted them. The text’s are saved on a portion of your phone’s memory but that memory gets filled up with other thing you have deleted, like apps other text messages and it replaces the messages you wanted to restore in the first place.

Tools to recover deleted SMS

There a lot of text recovery apps for that can be download on your PC or Mac. The way they work is : scan your phone’s memory, identify and recover your text’s. Its very simple to use these Apps, and they usually have a „walk through” process. The process is :connect, scan, preview, recover. The majority of these apps are free to use or on a trial period. The Apps that people generally use for this kind of problems are:

Wondershare Dr. Fone for Android (requires root)

Coolmuster Android SMS+Contacts Recovery

Android Data Recovery

How to recover lost text messages on Android

Recover Deleted SMS from Android Smartphones 2

  1. Download and install the App and then launch it on your PC.
  2. The Android must be connected to the PC, in a USB port.
  3. You have to turn on USB debugging on your Android, you can do this accesing Developer Options from Settings. Or go in the „about phone” section, scroll down to Build Number and tap the screen repeatedly and Developer Option will pop-up, all you will have to do is check the box.
  4. Let the recovery program scan your phone’s memory.
  5. After the scan is completed you will be able to preview the data( deleted or not). As I said before if the text stored have not been replaced by other deleted stuff you can just get them back.
  6. Find your text message folder, choose what text you want to restore, and put save them on your phone or PC.


The process is a lot more complicated to do without a PC. Likely you will have to root your device and get a App that you have to pay for.

Recover Deleted SMS from Android Smartphones 3

How to prevent it happening again

The solution is that you should just be careful of what you delete from now on. And you can also back up your messages, its simple and it takes about 5 minutes. There is an App that does just that the SMS Backup & Restore.


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