Remove Firefox inspect element on the context menu

context-menu-firefoxWith the release of Firefox  10, a new feature – a developer tool, Inspect Element is added to the context menu. It’s the Firefox’s reply to the in-built Chrome’s developer tools. But the developers on Firefox  aren’t happy. Why? It is added in the place where Firebug is used to be and is now above the Firebug’s inspect element. You might click on it, waiting for the Firebug’s overlay at the bottom of the window, only to see something new, its when you might have realized its not firebug but its Firefox’s native one. Which is annoying as we all are used to click on it without being aware of it.

If you can get used to this new change, the native one is not that bad, but has a long way to go. In the meanwhile if you want to disable it, you can. You can enable it anytime you feel so.

Here’s how to disable Firefox’s Inspect Element from the context menu:

1. In the Firefox address bar, enter about:config and hit ENTER. Click on ‘I’ll be careful! I promise!’.


2. This will open up Firefox configuration, enter inspector on the filter box.

3. This will show the available preference setting names (8 settings in my case).


Double-Click the top setting, devtools.inspector.enabled to toggle the default value of true to false. To enable it again, get back to this screen and Double-Click on it to toggle it to true.

You don’t need to restart the browser for the changes to come in to effect.

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