Remove Skydrive to fix its shutdown every few minutes

Windows 8.1 preview bundles itself with Skydrive. Skydrive when it works is an useful utility, when it doesn’t is an issue. Skydrive has known for its issues. One is shutting down itself every few minutes. This can be troublesome. The only way to fix this is by removing the app. Hope the issue will be addressed in the full version of Windows blue. Until then, removing is the only way to fix this issue.

How to remove Skydrive in Windows 8.1?

To do this, you need to go to the group policies to remove the Skydrive integration. Let’s take a look at this,

1> Go to charms search, search for gpedit.msc. Open it, this opens the group policy editor.

charms search gpedit.msc

2> On the group policy editor, navigate to Local Computer Policy\Computer Configuration\Administrative Templates\Windows Components\SkyDrive.

group policy edit skydrive

3> Now on the right you should see, Prevent the usage of SkyDrive for file storage policy setting. Double click to open the policy setting and enable it.

group policy skydrive prevent usage

This policy setting lets you prevent apps and features from working with files on SkyDrive.
If you enable this policy setting:

* Users can’t access SkyDrive from the SkyDrive app and file picker.
* Windows Store apps can’t access SkyDrive using the WinRT API.
* SkyDrive doesn’t appear in the navigation pane in File Explorer.
* SkyDrive files aren’t kept in sync with the cloud.
* Users can’t automatically upload photos and videos from the camera roll folder.

If you disable or do not configure this policy setting, apps and features can work with SkyDrive file storage.

Skydrive integration is now totally removed. You cannot access your Skydrive files from the app. The file sync’ing will stop. As well as the Skydrive shortcut on the left on explorer will go away.

Once the Windows 8 team resolved this issue you can turn it back on. The cause of frequent shutting down of Skydrive is unknown, though.

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