Restore my Hearing Review – Can this Navajo medicine be trusted?

For centuries Navajo tribe have been using their natural medicines to cure a lot of ailments. One of the ailment they have found a medicine for is hearing loss. Welcome to my review page on Restore my Hearing review. In this page you will discover how one man tries so hard battling the hearing aid industry to keep Navajo medicine alive for natural hearing loss cure. Read on to discover about a tonic which restores your hearing crystal clear in 14 days…


About the author: Ben carter:

ben-carter-150x150Ben carter is a retired aerospace engineer. His family is of Navajo native american origin, a tribe that existed even before the United States existed. He has been discovering his wife Sarah’s gradual hearing loss for months until a day when she no longer can hear the car beep while crossing the road that put them both bruised. His 87 year old mother who knows this Navajo recipe has been holding it in her Betty crocker cook book until a day when he went to visit her, she whispered him this recipe after hearing about Sarah.

Ben then researched and finally found a recipe that works for today. He has been battling against the hearing aid industry who wants this information to be secret. Considering that a piece of hearing aid costs $2000, they want this information to be kept as far from the reach of common people. But Ben despite all that struggles, comes out and reveals his recipe, a tonic, in the course Restore my Hearing (Navajo medicine man remedy).

Restore my Hearing Review A.K.A the Navajo medicine man remedy:

This program reveals a breakthrough in the hearing restoring, that has been scientifically tested which studied the core reason of hearing loss. Navajo medicine men have discovered a tonic which has put their ears sharply hearing.


That’s the picture of what’s inside your ear. The protein filled protrusions, the hair cells that is, are bunched together inside your inner ear in the region cochlea. These act as receptors that vibrates when a sound wave is passing through them and converts that into electrical nerve impulses that passes via the cochlear nerves which are sent to brain to process sounds.

Ben discovered that these hair cells are weak for a hearing loss patients. The Navajo’s medicine helps revitalize and strengthens these hair cells so your hearing is restored. The course deals with how to prepare that Navajo medicine, a tonic which you directly consume prepared with the available materials from your grocery and herbal store.

This method has been used by over 30,000 people as Ben says. He adds that an hearing aid would cost about $2000 and a cochlear implant surgery would cost about $100,000. Ben further goes on to say that people with hearing loss have ample hair cells, that when revitalized would restore the hearing and Navajo medicine has this power, so it can be trusted. He said to his stubborn wife, just try it. And weeks later she found a new being in herself that is capable of hearing anything, even when the TV volume is low.

 What you can expect to learn from Restore my Hearing Ebook?

The book starts with an introduction on Navajo’s ways of treating ailment. And then focuses on hearing loss restoration. Hearing loss appears to be a problem in 40’s for both men and women. Also those that work in the heavily noisy environment will experience problems with hearing clearly earlier before hitting 40’s. People usually ignore when the problem first surfaces and only get to it when the severity increases. You will learn when to identify and immediately take action when you notice little symptoms.

You will learn how to make the Navajo’s tonic from the materials that are easy to obtain from the grocery and herbal store. You will also learn how to be disciplined following the medication course for about 2 weeks to see any result. You then learn about the inner workings of ear and how the hear loss actually happens and how it can be cured. Most importantly you will understand how believing in it and applying it can reduce your feeling down and isolated, because every day will be a new change in you for you to see and celebrate.

Here’s the sneak peek of what’s inside the members area,



  • You can start to see your hearing improving while on the 14 day medication under Navajo’s tonic.
  • Navajo medication is 100% pure natural, no chemicals.
  • You don’t have to keep paying for hearing aids or taking it to service.
  • Forget about the cochlear implant surgery.
  • You get bonuses report on tinnitus problems and how to alleviate/cure it.
  • This program comes with a 60 day money back guarantee, if for any reason you think the Navajo medication isn’t for you, or you allergic to it, you get your money back in full.


  • This offer is only going to last till the court order shuts the website down.
  • If you already had a cochlear implant surgery or think this natural medicine only has so many benefits as Ben makes it out to be, you are in doubt. Be it. Respect.
  • This is only available through internet, no DVD’s or CD’s shipped or found at malls or book stores, just from the website accessible below.



If you notice a slight hearing loss, or have been suffering for a long time, it’s time you do something about it. The reason you are on this page proves that. Congrats! Hearing loss can be a big problem, you can’t participate in a conversation, or watch TV at low volumes or even talk on the phone comfortably. Don’t let this problem put you down and isolated. Make your time worthwhile, life is short and without the goodness of crystal clear hearing it cannot make your life happy. No longer need to lean forward to hear someone or ask them repeatedly what they just said. This Navajo medical system, is a natural remedy that’s been around for centuries, give it a try, this course’s price is a fraction compared to the hearing aids. Act now, do yourself a favor!


  • Marlys

    Every url that promises info on the hearing remedy appears to have been yanked off the Internet — “This site is unavailable.”

    Do you have any ideas for finding it that might not yet have been removed? Carter warned in his infomercial that this might happen.

  • Eshwar Iyer

    Hi Ali,

    Navajo medicine is a natural medicine. So no side effects like in the pharmaceutical drugs. It’s prepared as a tonic that you consume, and the result shows in a month time, which is what makes this popular. Hope this helps.

  • Ali


    Today I had visited your website and found that ‘Navoja’ medicine.

    I am male and accounts professional.

    I have been suffering from hearing problem partially but I am suffering a lot in my daily life for conversation, at work, in group of people etc.

    Firstly I would like to know the benefits and side effects of use of ‘Navoja’ medicine.

    Please me in details.

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