Run Android on Windows 8 with Virtualbox


This post is about how to run Android Jelly Beans on Windows 8 using Virtualbox Virtualization software.

Virtualization software runs virtual machine (VM) on a host OS – Virtualbox running on Windows as host running guest operating systems in it, in this case Android, as an Android VM. Think of Virtualbox as a player and VM’s are like discs.

To get started,

Step 1: Installing Virtualbox

Download and install Virtualbox (90 MB). x86 for 32 bit OS and amd64 for 64 bit OS. If you already have it on your PC, proceed to next step.


Virtualbox from Oracle is popular with Android VMs.

After downloading, if installation hangs without completing, make sure to turn off programs such as dropbox, google drive, avg, etc…if that doesn’t work, open device manager, turn on hidden drives, under network check to see if virtualbox drives are on it as your previous installation ended prematurely this can happen. Uninstall those drives and restart the installation or repair installation. This should work.

VMware another popular Virtualization software has known to have the same problem, so better stick with Virtualbox as its popular with Android and runs many more OS and has a lot of VMs.

Step 2: Downloading AndroVM and running it on VirtualBox

The Android VM that we are going to plug into Virtualbox is AndroVM (about 200 MB). Which is the best VM I have ran so far, meaning that it’s fast and doesn’t take a lot of memory. It comes in 2 forms – tablet and phone. I chose tablet and the one with Google apps – vbox86t version with gapps & houdini : androVM_vbox86t_4.1.1_r4-20121119-gapps-houdini-flash.ova. Breaking it down the file name, vbox86 is for 32 bit OS, t is for tablet, p is for phone, gapps, houdini and flash are external tools that comes with it. Gapps is Google apps, houdini is a library from gingerbread intel/orange phone, and flash is adobe flash.player.


Double-click  AndroVM ova file to open it or you can open it from Virtualbox,

Select Open and click import to load it.


To Run the AndroVM, Click Start. Wait for a few minutes, and now you have Android Jelly Beans 4.1 running on your Windows 8. To have the latest Android, check AndroVM download page to see if there’s an update available.



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