Run Microsoft office on iPad

If you are on Macbook and have iPad but want the Microsoft office on Macbook on your iPad, this article explains a not-so-perfect few clicks or taps way of getting it done but a way which will get the job done.


To run Microsoft office on your iPad, you must first understand the big picture of how you are going to do it.

  • First on your Macbook you need to have Microsoft office for Mac.
  • Second you are going to install Slashtop remote desktop application for iPad on your iPad.
  • Third, you are going to connect to your Macbook from your Slashtop iPad app.
  • Fourth, you need a free Splashtop streamer installed on your Macbook to stream your Mac screen to the iPad.

This is a remote connection. So what you do on your Macbook is shown on the iPad. So you are going to run Microsoft office on Mac, which will be shown on your iPad. Now you can edit on what to see on your Ipad and the same is mirrored in the Macbook.

That is the big picture of it, in a nutshell, you will have your iPad remote connection app connecting to your macbook streamer running Microsoft office.

Setting up on Macbook:

First open the Microsoft program, Word or Excel on your Macbook.

Setting up on iPad:

Install the Slashtop app from here –

Setting up on Macbook:

Get free Slashtop Streamer for your mac from here –

Install it and set it to stream your desk screen.

Setting up on iPad:

Find the computers available and choose the one that runs the Microsoft office and connect it. Viola! you can now see what you see on Macbook.

This is a nice way that Deidre Richardson first shared it here.


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