Running Java on Windows 8

Java has no Windows 8 app so it can’t be ran from the start screen. You have to be on the desktop to run Java. Fortunately, Windows 8.1 update has bought the start button back. So shifting to desktop mode is fairly simple.

You can search on the charms search for “Java control panel” without the quotes, to access the Java control panel on Windows 8. You can start the charms search by keying in Windows button and W. If you have a start button from Stardock, the search is just like on Windows 7.

If your Java isn’t running on Windows 8, you need to update it to Java 7, update 10.

64 bit Java

If you have a 64 bit of Windows 8, and want Java 64 bit, you are out of luck. The desktop mode of the 64 bit Windows 8 doesn’t run fully well in 64 bit. So the 64 bit Java wouldn’t run smoothly. So 32 bit Java is the only available option even if you have Windows 8 64 bit. The Windows 8.1 (blue) update might have fixed this one, but didn’t get a chance to test it. So stick with the 32 bit Java.

You can use the 64 bit browser, Internet explorer 64 bit version to download the 64 bit Java. If its 64 bit, the Internet explorer displays it as the 64 bit edition. I would still recommend that you download and use the 32 bit Java. 64 bit seems to have bit issues and 32 bit runs so smoothly.

But if you still want to check out the 64 bit Java, then here’s how you do it. It is an offline installer, so it doesn’t get updated automatically as well. You need to do that manually if you know there’s an update out.

Downloading 64 bit Java

Head over to Java SE Downloads page. Scroll down a bit, to get to the box titled “Java platform, standard edition”. You can click on the JRE or JDK. JRE is Java Runtime Environment, and JDK is Java Development Kit. You need both depending no whether you need to just have Java to run some Java application or you need to develop applications.

Here’s are the download link for Windows 64,



java 64 bit download

To download from those links above you need to accept the “Oracle binary code license agreement for Java SE or JRE” Only then you can download. To share the download link, share the link that you went to and not the direct exe link, because that link would be unauthorized link and won’t work.

If the 64 bit is bit sluggish, as always you can get the 32 bit one.

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