Samsung Galaxy Alpha Release Date and Everything You Need To Know About

Those who’ve been waiting for a very long time for Samsung to unveil the new Galaxy device are finally at ease, as the Korean tech giant announced the device everybody’s been expected. Although everybody expected the device, it’s not quite what everyone expected, as it features a metallic body only partially. The frames around the edges, the corners, and the camera lens, as well as the Home button, are the only elements on the handset that feature a metallic finish. Although not ideally viewed by some, it is still a step up from the generic, signature, cheap plastic body casing that Samsung normally wraps its handsets with. Freshly announced, the newest Galaxy addition might get a September 12 release date.


Starting off with the screen, device, which weighs 115 grams and is 6.7 mm thick, will have a 4.7 inch display, powered by the Super AMOLED technology, and operating at a 720 x 1280 resolution. In the processor department, things might differ depending on your region. Nevertheless, the available options for a processing unit are an octa core Exynos processor and a Qualcomm Snapdragon 801quad core unit. High speeds will be reached by using this handset due to its LTE capabilities.

The specifications list is completed by the included 2 GB of RAM, as well as the internal memory capacity of 32 GB, which, however, cannot be upgraded via memory cards. For a configuration of this nature, it would be a shame to ruin everything with a weak camera. Lucky for us it doesn’t, as the Alpha will have a 12 MP camera on the back, and much weaker, but still decent 2.1 MP camera on the front. More hardware specifications include the fingerprint scanner and the implemented sensors that handle gestures. Standard connectivity options such as Bluetooth, WiFi, GPS or NFC will also be present. In charge of running all these goodies, is the Android KitKat operating system, which handles the device on the software side, while the 1860 mAh battery provides the juice.

Price And Release

As we approach the September 12 release date, pre-orders are starting to surface. For example, pre-orders in Russia will be made available starting with August 15, and the equivalent starting price is reported around $690. Sources claim that the US Galaxy Alpha will be around $600, though.

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