Samsung Galaxy Alpha Top Features and Release Date

News about the Samsung Galaxy Alpha surfaced, grabbing the media’s attention through rumors that it will be the device replacing the Galaxy F (or Galaxy S5 Prime). The release date for this device has also been updated, with the handset no longer being set for an August 13 release, but rather an August 4 debut on the market.

When rumors started to fly about Samsung wanting to make a Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime, it wasn’t really all that shocking, because Samsung has made a habit out of releasing a large amount of smartphone models for each device and consumer category each year, and also releasing other versions and variants of its flagship device. It seems like the possibility of  Galaxy S5 Prime device are getting bigger, but in the same time, the rumored specs for this device are lowering with every round of gossip. Based on what is known about the device until now, it isn’t the mobile powerhouse everyone expected.

The upcoming Samsung Galaxy Alpha could be easily categorized as a mid-range device, rather than a premium high end smartphone, based on what is said about the specifications. It seems like this device will have a 4.8 inch 720x 1280 display, which although isn’t bad, it is nowhere near today’s high end device standards. Other reported features include some metal in the build and design of the phone, and a fingerprint scanner on the front of the device. It is speculated that the device will have 32 GB of internal memory.

It is reported to have lower build quality than the Galaxy S5, even though it has metal parts in its build. It is believed that the reason behind Samsung not implementing a full metal build, could be the fact that most of the China supply has been already secured by Apple. Since this Galaxy Alpha doesn’t seem to be in any position to compete against the iPhone 6, the most probable outcome will be a battle between the iPhone 6 and Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4.

Although no official, final details have been confirmed by Samsung for the Galaxy Alpha or Galaxy Note 4, the fast approaching of their set release dates indicates that we should get some information about the devices pretty soon.

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