Samsung Galaxy Grand Neo vs. Samsung Galaxy Core Lite

samsung galaxy grand neo vs samsung galaxy core lite

With Samsung’s wide range of smartphones it has to offer, most smartphone users are faced with the challenge of what smartphones to use and what smartphones are definitely efficient and has top of the edge features. With this, we try explore these smartphones and really check what power features they have to prove that they really are top of the edge.

The Samsung Galaxy Grand Neo and Samsung Galaxy Core Lite are two of the latest smartphones Samsung has released this year. So now, we shall go on and check if these phones’ power features are really that powerful.


The Galaxy Grand Neo has a screen size of 5.01 inches while the Galaxy Core Lite’s screen is 4.70 inches. Both phones have a capacitive touchscreen feature which is fit for such screen sizes. Also, both phones have a screen resolution of 480×800 pixels.

Hardware and Software

In terms of features concerning the hardware, both phones come with 1.2GHz quad core processors which are considered to be very top of the edge for very latest smartphones, quad core processors are known to be a power feature of the most efficient smartphones currently in the market. Both phones has a 1GB RAM while the Galaxy Grand Neo has 16GB internal storage capacity while the Galaxy Core Lite only has 8GB although both phones are capable of expandable storage up to 64GB through microSD card.

The Galaxy Grand Neo comes with an Android 4.2 operating system while the Galaxy Core Lite comes with an Android 4.3, an operating system slightly more advanced than the former.


Both phones have a rear camera with 5 megapixels while only the Galaxy Grand Neo has a front camera with 0.3 megapixels. With this, we see that these phones are not quite competent with power features when it comes to camera works which is a quality that most smartphone users are quite keen about. This fact about these two phones’ cameras can really bring up questions especially considering that these two phones are two of the latest Samsung smartphones in the market and yet these phones only have power features when it comes to hardware and yet none with the camera.

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Which one of the two?

These two smartphones, as we’ve already been saying are two of the latest top of the edge Samsung smartphones in the market today but it is worth taking note that because of the hardware and software power features of these two, the price of two quite requires some spill from smartphone users’ pockets. Also some smartphone users are really keen on keeping two phones with them: one for business and the other for personal use. Therefore to those who want two phones in one, the Galaxy Grand Neo gives that option with its dual sim feature. On the other hand, to those who are really looking for the latest of them all and does not require particular qualities on their phone, the Samsung Galaxy Core Lite is truly for them with its sleek exterior and very bold interior.

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