Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy F Top Features with Release Date

We hear a lot of rumors about Samsung’s upcoming flagship phablet, the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, but recently we’ve heard something that we thought we’d share with readers, and that is a boost in the security system of the device.

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Everybody was excited about the Samsung Exynos ModAP series which a lot of people are speculating that the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is a part of and might be the debut of the series. Now, when reading a tweet (released on July 12) from @SamsungExynos, their official account, we find out that there will be some kind of boost in security as well: “Security can be improved using features unique to us. That’s what we envision. What would you use?”

There are some speculations about secure payments for the Samsung Galaxy S5 (for example with Paypal), which is improved by retinal scan, as opposed to the fingerprint scanner the device has.

The speculations are not that farfetched and might be what Samsung’s got in mind for its devices, seeing how they already have advanced technology like tracking eye movement for some special commands like pausing videos and keeping the smartphones from locking.

Samsung Galaxy F vs Samsung Galaxy Alpha?

In the sea of rumors we hear about the Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime (a.k.a. Samsung Galaxy F), the most repeated one might have been that the handset will be equipped with Sammy’s first metal body case. Well, all of that might be shattered, because we hear that Samsung will actually give the metal body to another smartphone series the company has in mind.

An article from ETNews said that the first Galaxy Alpha device will actually be released in August, 2014 and will be a great competition for Apple’s iPhone 6 which is also programmed to hit the market in the next few months.

Seeing how we heard about the metal body for both the Galaxy Alpha device (which was a name first mentioned with this report from ETNews) and the Galaxy F one, we tend to think that they are one and the same, although no official statement from Samsung has been made.

Now, we have to remember that a lot of these are just rumors and speculations and to remind ourselves to wait patiently for Samsung to make their own official declarations on the subject to actually be thrilled about a change in the Samsung original design.


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