Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and Nexus 6 Releases Hold Down Until iPhone 6 Appears

Because everybody is talking about the upcoming iPhone 6 and the market is expecting a lot fuss around the handset, all the other companies are delaying their release dates. Companies like Samsung and search engine Google are waiting for all the craze about Apple’s flagship to blow over before they release their own devices: the Google Nexus 6 and the Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

A lot of manufacturers are actually worried that if they release their own device at the same time as Apple does, they will encounter big production and supply problems, since Apple tends to take over the supply from Asia this period of time. The company is preparing for the release of the iPhone 6 in September, so their starting assembly from July.

DigiTimes made a report about this situation, stating that: “Smartphone vendors that are looking to release new high-end models in the second half of 2014 are worried about getting access to enough component supplies as many component makers are preparing orders for Apple’s new iPhone.

All the other giants on the tech market seem to need to give space to Apple to get its piece of success before they can have theirs.

Both Google and Samsung are about to send their own flagship out in the world, so they seem to be a little side-tracked by Apple. The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is rumored to be released at the beginning of the month of September and the South Korean company wants to have commercial availability right after the release, which we don’t know how’s going to happen with this situation.

In Google’s case we don’t have that much detail, the company being very quiet about what the release date will be or even who is their partner in the manufacturing of Google Nexus 6.

Seeing how many rumors and discussions have been circling the new handset, iPhone 6, we’ll just have to see if companies that were meant to release their devices this early fall will delay for October or November. Seeing how everything stands, it will probably be the best decision for their sales but it will affect their image seeing how some very dedicated fans may take some offense in the companies not keeping their word.

What the Digi Times report concluded is that some companies – without revealing any leaks – have decided to not release their handsets until the last months of the year, to give enough space to Apple.

We are assuming that the Galaxy S5 Prime, Galaxy Note 4, the LG G3 Prime, the Google Nexus 6 along with the Moto X+1 won’t be released until October, for the very same reason.

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