Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Release Date and Features with Sales

It seems like after years in which Samsung did extremely well in sales, especially  with their smartphone lines, the time has finally come for the Korean tech giant to struggle and face financial issues. Reports say that Samsung didn’t manage to reach their profit target this year. The poor sales of the Galaxy S5 might also have something to do with this. Looking ahead, it will be interesting to see if one of their main competitors, Apple, will take the lead and let Samsung behind, or will the Korean manufacturer get a hold of the situation and make a comeback.

Several analysts agreed that Samsung fell off in terms of sales, estimating higher profit than what Samsung actually made, which is reportedly around 6 billion. Although the brand did well in North America, it struggled back in Asia, more specific in China, due to many small brands popping out of nowhere, such as Xiaomi. China Mobile made things even worse with its support of Apple. China Mobile has been supporting Apple’s iPhone, therefore Samsung didn’t do that well on that side of the map.

As reported by The Wall Street Journal, Samsung’s most important and profitable business sector, namely the smartphone division, has also been the one to put that pretty big hole in the company’s earnings, throwing their profit predictions in the trash. The smartphone division is reported to have fallen no less than 30% performance wise.

Samsung tried to justify part of their dilemma by blaming the slow global sales of mobile smart devices, and also the rising costs of marketing, for inventory reduction. This took a big bite out of Samsung’s estimated profits, as well as the changes suffered by the Korean currency. That also had a part to play.

To top it all off, the company’s chairman, Lee Kun Hee, has been rushed to the hospital following a suffered heart attack. Most of the company divisions are still held by the Lee Kun Hee family, and they will apparently be holding initial public offerings for other divisions. Samsung has reportedly  picked September for the release date of their new device, the Galaxy Note 4, which will be released as a direct competitor for Apple’s iPhone 6.


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