Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Release Date With Price and Features

The release date of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is set to release in September, the same month that the iPhone 6 will be released. Rumours say that it will have a 64-bit processor, more colour options, OIS in camera, iris scanner, curved OLED display and alot more of options. A report from Korea says that the New Galaxy Note will have ultrasound pen, a thinner design and a cheaper price.

What is New?

The new device will have the S-Pen digitizer( Stylus for Note 4), it will have umpteen sensors that utilizes ultra sound technology(ultrasound s-pen). It will have three sensors that registers 2-D data, and four other sensors that register 3-D data. This ultra sound technology is nothing new actually, the technology has been used by the Qualcomm Snapdragon MDP 805 tablet.

What the real advantage that this option brings is that it costs lesser and it can get the price for the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 to be a little lower. The price of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is $599.99,

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will be slimmer that the Note 3(8.3 mm) because of this technology, using the ultra sound technology will reduce the size by about 1 mm.

Other Features

A better processor

The Samsung company will release two processors for the Note 4. The options will be : the quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 805, Krait 450 and the Samsung Exynos5433 8-core processor. Interesting fact is that the Exynos processor beat the Snapdragon in performance test. We will have to see if processors will be different depending on what region are you buying it, or if you can simply choose what processor you want.

Iris Scanner

The release of the Iris Scanner feature has been confirmed from a tweet from the Samsung officials saying „ Security can be improved using feature unique to us”. The tweet had picture of the Galaxy Note with an eye and a scanner on the display. Having this feature will make the product alot more secure.

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