Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Release Date With Retina Scanner Beats Apple

It seems like Samsung wants to score big time with the Galaxy Note 4 device that it has in the oven. Samsung has made a habit out of announcing their devices with quite some times before they get to touch store shelves. This time, however, Samsung is trying out a new strategy. It is reported that the electronics giant plans on releasing the Galaxy Note 4 to the public in a very short time after its announcement, literally a matter of days. This may have something to do with Apple and their iPhone 6. It is believed that the Korean brand doesn’t want Apple to get all the spotlight in this upcoming period, challenging their iPhone 6 with a new feature that will come with the Note 4, namely the Retina Scanner.

The Retina Scanner is overdue, since Samsung was supposed to make the Galaxy S5 the bearer of such technology. In the end, the S5 didn’t receive the Retina Scanner technology, but instead got a fingerprint scanner. Samsung teased this new retina scanner feature on a Twitter post by the account @SamsungExynos, which featured an image of an eye, and the image of a large device, such as a phablet. On the right side of the teaser, you can even see bills and a pay option. The fingerprint scanner on the Galaxy S5 could be used to pay bills and such, therefore, the semnification of this part of the teaser might be that Samsung is cooking up a new way to pay the bills, possibly by using the new retina scanner feature in a similar manner to the fingerprint scanner, as the fingers aren’t anywhere near the display, this time. This could be used to pay bills and process other payments through PayPal and other services, as pointed out on GSM Arena.

It is reported that Samsung will be bringing their anticipated Galaxy Note 4 device at the IFA Trade in Berlin.  It has become a tradition for Samsung to unveil the next generation Galaxy Note device each time at the IFA Trade and this time seems to be no different.

Specifications for the phone include a 5.9 inch display, similar to other high end devices from competition brands, such as the HTC One Max or the LG G Pro 2. The rumors are split when it comes to what technology the Note 4 display will be using, as some say that the new Note phone will use the Super AMOLED technology, while others think that Samsung is going to opt for a PLS LCD powered screen on this model. The reason behind the possibility of Samsung releasing the Galaxy Note 4 using LCD display technology is that this would drastically reduce costs, up to 20 %, which isn’t something to ignore. However, there is no official statement from official parties regarding this manner to shut down the Super AMOLED display option completely, therefore there’s still a chance for the Note 4 to receive a Super AMOLED display.

It is believed that the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will be a direct competitor for the Apple iPhone 6, especially if Apple goes through with its plans and releases the iPhone 6 in September. The iPhone 6 might be a phablet device, thus making the competition between these two brands, and phones as well, more intense than ever.



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