Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Report Imitating Galaxy S5’s Body Design

Rumors have emerged on the Internet about Samsung’s new Galaxy Note 4 phablet which is supposed to take after the Galaxy S5. Apparently, the South Korean tech giant got some inspiration from their current flagship to design the new phablet everyone has been waiting for.

Our leaker would be Evan Blass (better known for his Twitter account: @evleaks) which has recently sent out a tweet saying that “Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will offer the same color selection as the Galaxy S5”.

Basically, what Blass is saying is that the new device will come in the four color options the Galaxy S5 came in: blue, gold, black and white. There is no official confirmation for this, but the idea doesn’t sound too far-fetched and would actually be a pretty cool call from Samsung.

Samsung has kept it pretty simple in the past, and didn’t go too crazy with their top devices: the flagships would usually come in black and white options. The tech giant seemed to change its mind when they released the Galaxy S5, seeing how the device came in both gold and blue as well. The information that Evan Blass released wouldn’t be that surprising after all, seeing that Samsung is set to change things up a bit.

Now, we can see that the leak didn’t say anything about the same exterior look, so we cannot say anything if the design will completely follow Samsung Galaxy S5’s path. People are getting pretty excited for the two new color schemes available, but from this leak there’s nothing to say if the Galaxy Note 4 will take Galaxy S5’s look and reinvent it.

Going on Samsung’s previous history of changing up things with new devices, we can assume that the new phablet will come with improvements when it comes to hardware and software.

What we do think the Note 4 will keep is S5’s waterproof and dust resistant capabilities (IP67 certified) as well as the fingerprint sensor.

There have been a lot of speculations about the Note 4 will bring to the market when it is released: for example a spectacular main camera of 20MP (seeing how the Note 3 already had a great 13MP one). The device will also have optical image stabilization.

Regarding memory, the device will probably have two options of internal storage: 32GB and 64GB. Samsung will equip the phablet with a microSD card slot for a memory expansion of 128GB.

As for processor, the Galaxy Note 4 is rumored to house a quad core with a Snapdragon 805 chipset from Qualcomm, but also with an option of Exynos chipset.

Seeing how Google just released its newest operating system, the Android 5.0 Lollipop, the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will most likely have this OS, rather than the KitKat 4.4.4. The release date, which is not officially confirmed, is probably scheduled for the IFA Berlin of 2014.

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