Samsung Galaxy Note Edge – Bent Display Samsung Galaxy Note Edgelay Smartphone With Brilliant Design

Last year’s January featured a device from Samsung referred to as Youm. It was supposed to be the prototype of a smartphone with a curved display. Much later, now, Samsung has announced its official entry into the curved display branch of the smartphone market. The device that is set to reportedly come out this fall goes by the name of Samsung Galaxy Note Edge.

According to Engadget, which also provided the news about Samsung’s plans of releasing its first bent display device, the Note Edge is pretty much the same as the Galaxy Note 4 in terms of design , but also from a hardware and software point of view. The difference between the two devices is, of course, the fact that Note Edge comes with a bent display, which is practically the whole point behind the device. It reportedly features a 5.6 inch quad HD bent display, with measurement changes as compared to the Note 4, which it seems to be based on. The Note Edge’s screen is not only 2.2 mm shorter that the Note 4’s, but also wider, by 3.8 mm. The battery is smaller, packing only 3000 mAh aboard, but still remains an impressive unit. Moving towards the exterior and the phone’s chassis, the Note Edge’s body is exactly the same as the Note 4’s, with a combination of metallic finish and soft material on the back cover. The camera included is also the same, 16 MP included. All the other hardware components are identical to what you will be able to find within the Galaxy Note 4, including memory, OS, processor, and even functions, like the Multi Window function, which can prove itself very useful on a Note device.

The device might pose as an inconvenience for all you lefties out there, as the right-curb of the display makes it better suited for the right-handed folks. Samsung doesn’t see this as a problem, and their solution is to simply flip the device and use it upside down with your left hand. This won’t, however, help users when it’s time to press the Home button or make a phone call using the device, as the curved portion remains on the right. Speaking of the curved portion, it is reported that it will act independently of the main, large display. It will feature app launching options as well as information relevant to the phone’s situation. It could prove useful when the phone’s cover is on and the main screen is covered. Notifications might also be a possible feature present on the right-side curb. Engadget goes on to say that the device might not be for everyone, as the large dimensions of the handset, combined with the right-side curb issue can make it hard to grip, and isn’t a very viable smartphone choice for those having problems handling large phablet-size devices. The Samsung model is expected to come with a high price tag that will match its high-end status. The device has already been picked up by a number of carriers, such as Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint.

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