Samsung Galaxy S3, S4 and S5 Owners Can Use Multi-Window Feature

The Multi-Window feature is something that Samsung implemented in its TouchWiz user interface on top of the stock Google Android operating system that lets users benefit from a true multi tasking experience , accessing multiple apps on the screen at once. A lot of recent devices come with the built in feature, already implemented, but it seems that some just aren’t aware of the function that can simplify their daily workload so much.  Check below to see how you can use the awesome Samsung feature.

Who can run it?

The first step in figuring out how to use the feature is determining whether or not your phone is compatible and if it actually has the feature. This might depends on the age and series of your device. For starters, this is a feature that can only be found on Samsung devices pertaining to the Galaxy line. Also, if you’re device is rather old and is one of the earlier Galaxy models, you might also be disappointed to find out you don’t have the feature. The earliest Samsung Galaxy device that benefits from the feature is the Galaxy S3. Needless to say, all models that came after the S3, namely the Samsung Galaxy S4 and Galaxy S5, also come with the multi-tasking perk. Other device that can run the Multi Window feature are the Galaxy Note 2 and 3.

How to run it?

The process for activating the Multi Window option is rather simple. All you have to do really, is open the Quick Settings screen. To do this, swipe down on your display as you would have done to bring up the Notification Panel, but instead of using just one finger, use two fingers. From the Quick Settings menu that will appear, look for the Multi Window option then tap on it to enable it. After this, you can activate the feature by holding down the Back button on your device. This will bring up a small arrow on the left side of your screen, which you can expand into an app tray. From this tray you can choose two apps you wish to multi-task between. Simply drag the desired apps from the app tray to the screen. The screen will be then split in two between the two apps. You can also resize them so each will occupy the amount of display real estate you desire. You can resize by dragging the blue dot that will appear on the screen. Touching this dot will also bring up multiple options related to the opened windows, including the possibility to make the windows appear in a cascade view.

Multi Window Options

From the Multi Window app tray, tap on More, than on Edit. This will bring up an option menu from which you can change the order of the involved apps, as well as a lot  of other settings. You can also save preset pairings between frequently used app pairs, from this, tap on Create from that same option menu. When you’re finished playing around, remember to tap on Done.


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