Samsung Galaxy S5 Heart-Rate Monitor – Does It Really Work?

Although the Samsung Galaxy S5 has a ton of cool features, today we will be taking a closer look at one of these features in particular, namely, the Heart-Rate Monitor implemented in the device. The Galaxy S5 Heart-Rate Monitor consists of a sensor placed on the back of your Samsung smartphone, which is able to measure your Heart-Rate at any given time.

In case you don’t know and can’t figure it out, here is how you make use of this useful Galaxy S5 feature. First of all, make sure that your hands, especially your fingers are dry and not sweaty. You want them to be as clean and dry as possible. Second, try to stay as still as possible while the device is trying to read your heart rate, and don’t make a lot of noise either, because loud noises can interfere with the correct analyzing made by the device.

If you still find it difficult after doing all these, try and breathe very slowly, or hold your breath all together, for the mere couple of seconds it should take the device to get a complete, correct, accurate reading. After you have taken into consideration all these measures, you can begin the actual process. You do that by going to your S Health section on your Galaxy S5, and selecting Heart Rate from the listed options. Next, place your index finger over the heart rate sensor on the back of the Galaxy S5. You only need ot use the tip of your finger for this. After a couple of seconds, your reading should be complete. You can use this feature to determine the amount of beats per minute your heart achieves at a certain point, keeping in mind that a relaxed heart should have somewhere between 60 and 100 beats per minute. While engaging in some tiring activities, your heart rate can go as high as 200 bpm. When you try to get a measuring, note that you must be still (mandatory), therefore you have to pause whatever you are doing.

Keep in mind that if you believe you are suffering from some kind of heart problems, you should go consult a specialist, a trained doctor in this field that can analyze all factors like blood pressure and such, rather than just your smartphone which only tells you how hard your heart is beating, without taking any other critical factors into consideration. Basically, the Galaxy S5 sensor is a nifty little feature to have, but is nowhere near a real doctor.


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